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Member of WG1
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Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network 

  • Supporting researchers and research groups and other project staff at departments and faculties of JYU with FP7,HORIZON 2020 and Erasmus + funding proposals. Supporting tasks include commenting project proposals and giving advice with budgeting and understanding funder’s rules
  • Gathering, identifying, analysing and disseminating information concerning H2020 and writing university guidelines for H2020
  • Training support staff on project management and rules of the main funders (EU, Tekes, Academy of Finland)
  • Training researchers how to write project proposals for H2020/FP7 



The University of Jyväskylä is a multidisciplinary, dedicated scientific university, with an absolute drive for quality in all areas. Measured according to the number of Master's degrees conferred, the University of Jyväskylä ranks as the second largest university in Finland. The University has 15 000 students in addition to adult education students, representing 40 000 students in total. 

The University is strongly linked with top national and international research, business and innovation communities. From the business perspective, the University ranks among the four most interesting universities in Finland. At the same time it is part of over 300 international scientific networks and has more than 50 ongoing collaborative programmes with top universities from Europe, North America, Japan, China and India. The University of Jyväskylä is also ranked among the top 500 universities in the world on the Shanghai ranking list.

The attractiveness of University of Jyväskylä for its partners lies in highly talented and creative scientists, excellent infrastructure, and commitment to succeed. The University's first-rate success in the Academy of Finland's Centre of Excellence Programme (six Centres of Excellence) reinforces its position as one of the best research universities in Finland. The university currently hosts four international professors of Finland Distinguished Professor Programme, six ERC-fellows and four Marie Curie IEF-fellows (one CIG), and the Accelerator Laboratory of the Department of Physics is one of the European Major Infrastructures.


The University is also highly successful in attracting external competitive funding, from national as well as European funding agencies. For instance, in Framework Programme 6 (FP6), the University participated and managed 25 EU research 

projects, including two Marie Curie Research Training Networks and one Marie Curie Excellent Team. In FP7 the University has already 59 projects among which three Marie Curie ITN and two IRSES projects. Our university has been granted two projects in recent CIP programme. 


Research Administration

The Research and Innovation Services is responsible for research administration and assists researchers with issues relating to research project planning, calculating costs and collaboration agreements, as well as making the best out of and distributing research results. As a researcher, you can receive information about both national and international research funding from us.  

Project Services support researchers, researcher groups and project participants in faculties and units in all phases of projects, and support the accumulation of project expertise at the University. Ongoing projects are managed at the faculties or departments and our unit gives support to researchers and administrative staff.  

Our strategic targets are 


  1. To fuel application activity for supplementary funding and to improve the quality of applications 
  2. To increase the proportion of external research funding in overall funding
  3. To be a strategic partner for the management, faculties and units of the University, and to offer comprehensive project support service for researchers
  4. To build partnerships with the most important financers, partners and interest groups and to accumulate project competence of the University. 

Our unit provides even innovation and legal services for researchers.  

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


HAMK University of Applied Sciences, International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration BBA, International Business
2007-2009:University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics, M.Sc. Economics, Corporate Environmental Management
2002-2007:Information Officer, West Finland European office in Brussels (Employed by Regional Council of Ostrobothnia)
2007-2012:Project Advisor, Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes Ltd.
since 2012:Funding Advisor, University of Jyväskylä