Aurélie UCHARD
Position Title:
Member of WG1
+33 247 367 966

Description of job and tasks involved

I'm currently in charge of the whole chain of administration of european contracts (LEAR) at the University of Tours. My expertise is ranging from legal  (grant agreement, consortium agreement and amendments negotiation), financial (cost models, reporting, time sheets, eligibility of cost) and administrative issues (participant portal, interface with coordinators/researchers/internal services, RH issues..).

My tasks are the following:

  1. Administration of european contracts on the participant portal (LEAR/Account administrator for the University of Tours)
  2. Negotiation of grant agreement, consortium agreement and amendments
  3. Administrative support for financial reporting (guidelines, eligible costs, time sheets, form C...)
  4. European calls for proposal watch and diffusion of information to researchers (newsletter, website, organization of info days in laboratories)
  5. Advising and helping researchers in building european projects proposals 


Experience in European research projects

Mainly Framework Programme for research (FP7-H2020)
DG JUSTICE and DG CULTUREs in building european projects proposals 


The university of Tours is a medium size university, hosting 22.000 students and employing more than 1.300 teacher-researchers . Research is organized around five main fields: Life and Health Sciences, Sciences and Technologies and Human and Social Sciences. The University totals 34 research units, including 15 joint research units in partnership with the CNRS (the National Centre for Scientific Research), the INSERM (the National Institute of Health and Medical Research), the INRA (the National Institute for Agricultural Research) and the CEA (the Atomic Energy Commission). All of these units are attached to four Doctoral Schools, including three that are shared with the University of Orléans, and to a “Maison des Sciences de l’Homme” (Institute for Human Sciences), related to the CNRS.

Research organisation is carried out in one hand by the research  department for administrative issues and on the other hand by the Contract Development Partnership Department for contractual issues. The European contracts office is hosted in the later. It deals with administrative, legal and financial issues related to european contracts and is the interface between researchers/coordinators and the central administration. It provides support and expertise to both researchers and other services of the university such as financial services.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Master 2 in European affairs


European projects officer, university of Brest


SSH Project officer, university of Rennes 2

since 2012:

European contracts officer at university of Tours