COST Targeted Network TN1302

The voice of research administrators - building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC)


Position Title:
Member of MC, Member of WG2
+45 21364371

Description of job and tasks involved

Senior advisor for the additional project management support for large and complex research projects coordinated by researchers at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. This service is additional to services from other parts of the central administration and there is a fee for the use of it.


Experience in European research projects 

Participant as a researcher in FP4 and FP5. Calculation of yearly indirect costs for FP6 projects at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences that used full cost model. Advisor for FP7 applications at Aarhus Business School: Budget, management, legal aspects.Administrative advisor for FP 6 and FP7 projects: Participation in contract negotiation. Development of Consortium Agreement. Financial aspects. Reporting.


The Research Support Office at Aarhus University supports the academic community at AU and the Aarhus University Hospital during all stages of externally funded research projects. In addition, it provides assistance to AU management on activities developing, supporting and implementing the university’s research strategy.

The office is organised in three teams:


Research Support, Proposal Development 

Professional advice and support for research funding opportunities and proposal preparation


Research Support, Project Management 

Professional administrative and project management support in all research project phases


Research Support, Strategy 

Engagement with national and international research agendas to create the best possible funding conditions for researchers

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Research Assistant, Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science
1995-1997:Planning Officer, National Institute of Animal Science
1997-2001:Planning Officer, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
2001-2005:Head of Budget Department, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
2006-2008:Senior Advisor - Application Development, Strategic Team, Aarhus Business School
2009-2012:Senior Advisor - Application Development, Research Support Office, Aarhus University
since 2012:Senior Advisor - Project Management, Research Support Office, Aarhus University