COST Targeted Network TN1302

The voice of research administrators - building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC)


Position Title:
Member of MC, Member of WG3
+358 50 366 7352

Expertise relevant to the Targeted Network

I have over 6 years' experience of university administration in the field of external research funding (national and international). I work as a legal counsel, providing legal services related to research projects such as negotiating, drafting and consulting the research agreements, IPR counseling, etc.



The Research Support Services (RSS) unit serves the staff of Aalto University, providing services related to obtaining and managing externally funded research projects.

The unit is in charge of:


  • grant scouting -  identifying funding opportunities for research,
  • preparing research funding applications together with the applicant and providing guidance in applications,
  • providing support in project funding agreements and negotiations as well as on other administrative questions, and
  • providing legal services related to research projects such as negotiating the research agreements, IPR counseling, etc.

The personnel of the unit is divided into school-specific teams, comprising a research liaison officer, a grant writer, a grant advisor and a legal counsel.


The Project Manager -service was launched in 2012. The service is for EU FP7 projects coordinated by Aalto. The project manager acts as an administrative coordinator working together with the scientific coordinator. In this way, the researchers can focus on research, while the project is managed professionally.


Research Support Services is also responsible for filing research project documentation and providing information services together with Archive and Registry Services unit. Furthermore, the unit works with Human Resources to provide project management and IPR training for university staff. IPR services to arts universities are provided together with Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Sibelius Academy.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Master of laws
2007:Master of laws trained on the bench
2005:Trainee, National Board of Patents and Registration in Finland
2006:Trainee, Kajaani District Court
2006-2007:Trainee at the bench, Savonlinna District Court
2007-2010:Legal Counsel and Innovation Manager, Helsinki School of Economics, Research Services
since 2010:Legal Counsel, Aalto University, Research Support Services