Position Title:
Member of WG1
+45 721 850 50

Description of job and tasks involved

My current position includes the coordination and administration of contracts, reporting, amendment processes and negotiations with the EC and project partners/consortia. In addition I am responsible for handling the financial management of the FP7 projects internally at ITU. I currently manage 1 coordinator project, 1 ERC and 1 partner project.

Other main activities include funding support and the overall development of the EU research management area at my university.

Experience in European research projects


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AAL – Ambient Assisted Living

Life Long Learning Programme




The IT University of Copenhagen is an independent educational and research institution, dedicated to the digital world. The university works to make Denmark exceptionally good at making value through IT by providing contemporary study programmes and research at the highest academic level. 

The study programmes and the research at the IT University of Copenhagen is based on an interdisciplinary understanding of IT. That understanding consists of the understandings you find within the fields of Science, Art and Business. 


Research Support Team (RST) is part of Research & Learning Support (RL) at the IT University of Copenhagen. RST handles the administrative project management of research projects in close cooperation with grant-holding researcher and often research partner institutions and/or companies both in Denmark and internationally. RST provides support with regard to planning and follow-up on project activities, financial management, guest visits and organization of project events, and required reporting to funding agencies.

RST also monitors national and international funding opportunities and timely communicates relevant calls to researchers. RST coordinates the funding application process, including a dedicated process to ensure the quality of applications. RST provides support to budget preparation and feedback on formal application requirements according to the calls.

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Market Economist, Marketing, University College Nordjylland
2004-2007:BSc, Public Administration and Social Sciences, Aalborg University
2010:MSc, Social Science & History, Aalborg University
2010-2011:Administrative Controller at VIA University College
2011:Academic Officer at VIA University College
2012:EU Liaison Officer at University of Copenhagen
since 2012:Research Consultant at IT University of Copenhagen